Introducing DayTrader Pro Academy Trading Course

DTP Academy

DayTraderPro introduces online, live-trading courses with veteran trader Guy Gentile as mentor.

Adding to their already popular live-trading chat room, DayTraderPro Academy now offers an in-depth learning experience for traders. Based on real market trading and not stimulations, the academy course is designed to give traders a better insight to the unpredictability of the stock market and how best to trade it.

The Day Trading Fundamentals course includes over eight hours of video content and over 100 hours of live trading. Great for traders at all levels of experience, the video course covers everything from the basics of trading to professional strategies that even veteran traders can implement into their trades.

Meet Your Mentor

Lead mentor Guy Gentile is a day trading veteran with over 20 years of experience and an achiever of numerous credentials in and around the financial field. His qualifications include the FINRA series 7, 24, 63, 4, and 55 licenses, and the series 14 and 56 licenses from the Chicago Board Stock Exchange. The series 56 is a proprietary trader license and the series 55 is an equity trader license, both required for market makers. As a full-time trader, Gentile designed the course in the way that he believes will be most
effective in teaching day traders; with the lessons lead by the real-time, live market and not the trading instructor.

“This course differs from others in that we allowed the market to dictate what we would teach. We shot the course live, over a period of two weeks just to ensure that we caught whatever the market was going to give us,” said Guy Gentile, Head Mentor of DayTraderPro Academy. “We ended up dealing with interesting market scenarios that make this course unique. Handling those situations with logical decision-making and calm execution of trade plans and strategies are the secret to successful day
trading. However, a day trader can’t get to that level without a firm trading foundation consisting of a full understanding of trading basics and technical analysis. With Day Trading Fundamentals they have what they need to learn better to do better.”

A Course Unlike Any Other

The course consists of topics ranging from trading basics like money management to understanding day trading strategies. The course also includes day trading strategies personally crafted by Guy Gentile. With enrollment and the purchase of the course, students will also receive free trading resources, study materials, daily trade plans with mobile alerts, ten percent off of DayTraderPro store merchandise, a 30-day access to a simulated trading platform from DAS, Inc. for trading practice, and three months free access to the DayTraderPro live trade chatroom.

“As a part of the course we included tools that will help traders not only better comprehend what is taught, but that can help them to put the lessons into action, “said Gentile. “The 30-day simulation platform from DAS, Inc. is great for traders to practice their strategies in a risk-free environment with $100,000 in digital money to use before entering the real market. The three-month access to the live trade chat room further extends the teaching process. In the room traders not only get to experience real-time trading lessons but are now part of a trading community that they can utilize to receive the advice, encouragement, and guidance that I wish I had when I started trading over 20 years ago.”

The DayTraderPro Academy is now accepting enrollment for their Day Trading Fundamentals course. Interested persons can visit .

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